The Winners of 2021 Edition

Jeongheon Nam & Mihyeok GwonJeongheon Nam & Mihyeok Gwon
The Winners of 2021 Edition

Cellist Jeongheon Nam and pianist Mihyeok Gwon has founded as a Duo in Korea. Initially, they studied together at Korea National University of Arts in South Korea. And now, they are studying together as a Duo at Hochschule für Musik Karlsruhe with Prof. Ralf Gothóni and they performing in Germany and Europe.

Jeongheon Nam was born in Incheon (South Korea) in 1993 and began playing the cello at the age of six. His musical education as a junior student at the School of Music under St.Petersburg Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory Russia with Professor Elena Dernova.

He has been a performer at the Great Mountains Music Festival, Stravinsky International Festival Cellista Cello Ensemble, Knua Cello Series, Heiri Camerata, Cello project Bach&Beethoven series, Nostalgia concert and Baroque Concerto Series.

He has won “Allegra String International Competition”, 1st prize at “the 10th Artsylvia Chamber music Audition 2021” with Piano Trio “Credo”, Johannes Brahms prize in the “Rubinstein International Competition”, 1st prize in the “The Music Association of Korea Competition”, 3rd prize in the“Joongang Music Concours”, and 1st prize in the “The Strad Competition”.

Jeongheon Nam plays on a cello made by Matteo Goffriller, which is loaned to him by the Landessammlung Streichinstrumente Baden – Württemberg.

And now he study in Karlsruhe Music Hochschule with Prof. László Fenyö.

Mihyeok Gwon began playing piano at age 5 and since 2008 studied at the Sookmyung woman's University with Prof. Gukim Son. After she goes to Korea National University of Arts, studied 'Collavorative Piano' under Prof. Younghee Lee. From this time on, she began to experience many chamber music performances. Since 2018, she has been studying Master Chamber music piano at Karlsruhe Music Hochschule with Prof. Markus Stange and Prof. Ralf Gothòni. 

She has won the 1st  Prize at the "Dr. Hermann Büttner Piano Competition" in Karlsruhe and 1st Prize at the “10th Artsylvia Chamber Music Audition 2021 in Seoul” with Piano Trio "Credo. Her last graduation Concert was invited as the Karlsruhe Music Hochschule representative and played with violin Prof. Albrecht Breuninger. And now she study Konzertexamen in Karlsruhe Music Hochschule with Prof. Ralf Gothòni.